2017 Waridi Farm
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Waridi Joint Self-Help Group (WJSHG) was formed in January 2003 when Waridi Farm started its partnership with Fairtrade under Max Havelaar Certification. Max Havelaar / Fairtrade is an organization (non profitable) that was formed by consumers who buy flowers from producers with the aim of uplifting living standards and conditions of workers. This is achieved through the Fairtrade producer (such as Waridi Farm) receiving finance in the form of premiums that are paid by the end consumer who purchases a product knowing that a percentage of what they spend will return to the producer to be used to benefit workers and communities.

There are strict guidelines to make sure that these premiums are used properly and only for projects that directly benefit workers, their immediate families and the local communities. An elected Joint Body (JB) is formed to ensure that these funds are managed in accordance with the Fairtrade standards and Waridi Farm is strictly audited to these standards before receiving certification.

The Premiums received by the JB can only assist Waridi workers through proposed projects communally or individually but no cash is allowed to be distributed directly. These projects have to first be approved by the JB and then by the Company employees collectively. In most instances there is a cost sharing basis to each project; either by the individual or from Waridi Farm.
The Waridi JB have established a constitution that provides concrete guidelines for the correct usage of these premiums.

In 2007 Max Havelaar changed to Fairtrade Label Organisation (FLO). At this time the Waridi JB created new standards, rules and regulations based on FLO standards.

Waridi Joint Self-Help Group